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Can I record to my iPad?
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Hi all.

I just got an iPad for Christmas, and I've been wondering if it would serve as a daw that could record from my 16.0.2? I don't have a FireWire laptop or a Mac book, so I've been trying to figure out the cheapest, most convenient way to record my band's performances with my studio live. I've seen several rather robust daws on the app store, and was sponsoring if Any off these would allow me to record directly from my studio live to my iPad?

Thanks very much! Merry Christmas!

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The problem is with the interface between the StudioLive and the iPad, or rather, lack thereof. . You can, of course, connect one or a pair of analog outputs from the mixer to the external audio input of your iPad, and use one of the many recording programs available. However, there's no way I know of that will allow you to connect the multichannel Firewire I/O to an iPad.

There are a few people using the VSL1818 together with the multitrack recording application Auria, but the reason why that works is that the iPad will talk to a class compliant USB audio device.

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