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New Driver vs. ASIO4All
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I've been using the Presonus Audiobox USB for quite a while now. I have other Presonus products and would like to start by saying most of the products are excellent and they have great features. Presonus truly tries to think of the needs of tomorrow instead of today. However, they also seem to miss the mark on what is seemingly simple solutions.

I've had my Presonus Audiobox USB for probably 4 years now. I use it when I teach music lessons so I can do w quick recording of a drummer so they can hear themselves or for amp simulation with guitar students. When the 64-bit driver issues were around a few years back at this point and it almost seemed like they were going to ignore making Windows 7 drivers completely, I turned to ASIO4All which is a free ASIO driver solution that recognized the Audiobox USB.

I just did a full system reinstall on my laptop and decided to give the new Presonus driver a try. I really see no benefit of the new driver. It really seems like something that should have been done a long time ago for this product. You open up the control panel and you get two options, sample rate and buffer size. That's it. No routing options or anything. I understand the newer Audiobox VSL were geared towards that type of feature, but atleast when I used ASIO4ALL it let me run my internal sound and my Audiobox under the same ASIO driver which enabled me to have a little extra routing wise. For instance, if I forgot to bring a headphone adapter and needed an 1/8" connection I would just use the Audiobox ins and then my internal audio as an out or if I wanted to I could actually have two different outputs.

I'm just baffled and trying to figure out what the improvements are. I'm sure stability and ease of use were number one, but in terms of features I see absolutely nothing new here. They kind of got my hopes up boasting about this new driver along side the VSL driver updates. I understand they are different products, but I'm not impressed with this at all. I reinstalled ASIO4ALL and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the original Audiobox USB.

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How did you get the ASIO4ALL driver working? When I try I don't get my audiobox in the ASIO4ALL config UNTIL i install the driver. The audiobox has a yellow exclamation point in the device manager.

I thought the Audiobox was class compliant?
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You are going to need to flesh out this problem your having...we need details, note my signature line, and a list of all the components of my systems. Things like, was this working previously? this must be a Mac ? what mac...late 2013? is there any USB 2.0 ports on the computer? There are just so many possibilities here.

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