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Issues w/ AudioBox 44VSL and Acid Pro 7 on a Windows 7 laptop
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I heard good things about the 44VSL so got one to do some home demos w/ Acid Pro 7 on a Windows 7 machine. I installed the drivers and the device is selectable from the Acid Audio Device config tab but when you select the device and try to start play back on an existing song you get an Acid Pro 7 saying that the device "is not enabled for that function." I installed the latest drivers from the Presonus site but that does not seem to fix the problem either.

Do you HAVE to install Studio One to get the 44VSl to function? I do not need any additional S/W on my machine. I am under the impression that you just need to install the drivers to work with another DAW.

I switched from a Digidesign MBox 2 Mini to the 44VSL because there was no clocking with the MBox Mini when I used - it recorded OK but you had no timing info while you recorded and you always had to start from the beginning of the track because the clocking was non-existent. I know MBox drivers are quirky being geared to run primarily with ProTools so I was hoping the 44VSL would just install and work out of the box - seems like I'm wrong. Any suggestions before I throw in the towel and return the device?

Bob Harwood
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