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Getting songs out of a Roland Fantom-S and into Studio One
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Our church worship director has a Roland Fantom-S that he has been using as a workstation to create tracks for worship. After Presonsphere, I've been pushing for us to create the new tracks in Studio One but I would love to be able to get the midi files out of the keyboard and into Studio One so that we can use the play back the individual tracks back through our StudioLive 16.4.2 so that I have something to do other than just mix vocals during worship. I tried hooking the keyboard up to the computer but all I could find is some svq files for the individual songs. Any help would be extremely useful.
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If you can play the can record them again into S1 V2, and then use melodyne to 're-create' the midi info. Some minor errors will probably occur. Not the favored method.

If you live in Washington, You could bring it to my studio 'White River Studio'...and I could give it a go.

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I have a Roland Fantom X6 which isn't too dissimilar.
SVQ files are the Roland's format. There should also be an option to export files as SMF, standard MIDI format. To play the midi files in Studio One using the Roland as a sound module you'll need to know the bank and patch numbers for each track (instrument) so these can be put in the relevant fields in each track's control area, and you'll need to have the Roland set in Performance mode and not Patch mode.
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