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OK, I'm new to convolution reverbs, but I like the idea. I do understand that things are different --- for instance, as I understand it, there's already some pre-delay in the Impulse response, so you set things up a little differently.

When working with Room reverb, I usually set up a reverb FX bus and use it as a send. In fact, on Room Reverb, there are settings explicitly for this where the mix is 100% wet. I've tried this on the Open AIR 'verb, and when I set the mix to 100%, different impulses give very different results than I expected (different levels, etc.), to the point where I wonder if this is not the expected workflow for a convolution reverb.

Any thoughts? How do you use Open AIR (or other convolution reverbs)?
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the interesting thing for me is I use it more as a sound design tool- you can completely reshape sounds using simply impulse responses you can download for free online. add filters to the mix and you can take a generic sound and create something unique you'd have never expected before.

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Generaly, you don't use convolution reverbs at 100% wet.
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MR4Y wrote:Generaly, you don't use convolution reverbs at 100% wet.

I think GMGB_bass was refering to using an instance of the reverb plug-in as a send effect where 100% wet would be the norm.


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the resulting volume depends on the level over time of both signals (i.e. input and IR). this can not be predicted nicely. so you'll need to adjust the fx-channels level.
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