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Presonus Adds OSX Lion Support
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PreSonus Studio One and FireWire Interfaces Add Lion Compatibility

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 25, 2011 – PreSonus invites Apple Mac® users who wish to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7, better known as Lion, to participate in a public beta-test of its Universal Control 1.5.2 software. Universal Control 1.5.2 makes all StudioLive™-series digital mixers and all FireStudio™-series interfaces except the original FireStudio (26x26) fully OS X Lion-compatible. The public beta of Universal Control 1.5.2 is available now at the Technical Support/Downloads section of the PreSonus Web site.

The PreSonus AudioBox USB interface is already Lion-compatible, and no update is required.

PreSonus also has released Studio One™ Artist 1.6.5 and Studio One Pro 1.6.5. The new versions add Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) compatibility. In addition, with version 1.6.5, Studio One has been translated into French and Spanish. Studio One users can upgrade their copies through their PreSonus user accounts. This is a free upgrade.

PreSonus Capture recording software is already Lion-compatible, and no update is required.

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Is there going to be an update for the Firestudio 26X26?
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Presonus has answered:

"The Firestudio 26x26 is a Legacy product and is of an architecture that is different than the rest of the Firestudio line of products. Sadly, this means that it will no longer be supported in our driver updates."

I guess there's going to be quite a few Firestudios for sale soon.

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After crushing our hopes and making us think our future is doomed, Presonus surprisingly brings light to our darkest dungeons:

bobtudor wrote:
I have some good news.
We experimented with the idea of an OS X Lion version of FS 2626 in R&D.
It is basically a branch of Universal Control 1.2 with a new Lion 1394 driver, and our other products removed from it.
It seems to work well as we are testing it internally.

Although we did not add any new features to the control panel, the existing software you are using with FS2626 will work again.
On OSX Lion.

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Talk about being on the ball!

Loved waking up last week to the announcement of S1 suppor of Lion on

Made me proud!
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I upgraded my laptop to Lion and now the OS doesn't detect any input or output from my StudioLive. What is the fix?
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